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Interrail (5): Århus

Århus. My last proper stop and of of my favorites (together with Bratislava and Berlin), too. What a pretty city! I was happy to have a friend I could stay with and another friend who joined showing me around. It was so good to be with people again. Traveling alone mostly is a good thing, but this time was harder than ever - I can write a bit about it if you'd like? In Århus, I liked

- Bellevue beach, a bit outside of the city center (yay, nature after so much city!!)
- the modern art museum, ARoS! I liked ARoS - and all art by Olafur Eliasson - so much ❤
- the university area, with lots of pretty overgrown buildings
- Møllerstien, which most likely is the cutest street I've ever seen(, even with that crane in the background).

I wish I would have had more time in this city, so I guess I'll be back sooner or later.



Interrail (4): Hamburg

Hamburg. A combination of cobble stone streets, modern architecture, huge buildings, small buildings and lots of harbor, ships and cranes. I got lost around Reeperbahn, which wasn't the awesomest area to walk alone as a girl late at night anyway, and I also (again) found out I'm no good at photobooth photos, but there's also quite some things I did enjoy about Hamburg:

- the streets, the houses. So cute! So pretty!
- Park Fiction: a park with hammocks, Lego-like trees and an amazing view facing the harbor (and cranes)
- taking the elevator 24 meters down to walk through the Alter Elbtunnel
- taking the elevator (or the stairs) up in St. Michaelis church, which sure gives a pretty view over the city
- the pretty area called Speicherstadt
- and the amazing cake place called Herr Max. I seriously have never had such a good cake as the chocolate mousse one I had here - and it all looks so pretty, too. Go go go go if you can!


Interrail (3): Berlin

Berlin. It had been 10 years since I visited Germany's capital and I didn't expect to like it that much (don't know why), but I did. All the pretty buildings, shops, coffee houses... I'm secretly dreaming about going back already. What I'd do again then?

- walking around in Neukölln, Friedriechshain and Prenzlauer Berg
- eating breakfast at Roamers
- staying at the prettiest hostel I've stayed at: Wallyard (if I feel like using time to get to the other areas ^)
- taking € 2 Photobooth-photos (preferably in a booth with confetti, like the one I had now)
- sitting in the little park at Boxhagener platz, and go for dinner and/or ice cream in that area
- drinking Hüftengold's awesome watermelon juice
- taking the S-bahn (which is so much nicer than the U-bahn for one that doesn't like subways, like me)
- walking along the East Side Gallery, which was surprisingly nice (and very touristic, but nice)
- and just enjoying the calm, pretty, cute, friendly - but HUGE - city.


Interrail (2): München

Munich. It was good to be back in a country where I can understand words and say a little bit, too. I'm definitely spoiled when it comes to traveling to countries where I understand the language (or maybe: to knowing languages?), but it seriously made things easier. Eating out alone, mostly - my very weak spot when traveling by myself.

Anyhow: Munich is a classical city. A city with big buildings, big traditions and big stories - big tankards as well. I didn't enjoy the city very much (which might be because I visit on a Sunday and Monday in the middle of the summer, which made a whole lot of things being closed!), but still there are some things I'd recommend if you ever go there:

- joining the Free Walking Tour that leaves from Marienplatz at 11:00
- walking around in the University area, in streets like Barerstraße, Türkenstraße, Amalienstraße and everything in between
- visiting the Englischer Garten (❤) and the very awesome! little surfspot they got there
- sneak into Hofbräuhaus just to take a look at the pretty ceiling.


Interrail (1): Bratislava

Bratislava, what a surprise. I was told to skip this capital as it's boring and "absolutely not interesting at all", but men, they are all so wrong. This city surprised me even in 45 (...) degrees Celcius. It's pretty, lively, cheap, the people are amazingly nice and there's more than enough to do, at least for a day or two. I stayed for 1,5 day and had most fun:

- simply walking around, looking at the pretty streets and (pastel colored) buildings
- taking selfies with the Blue Church, which must be the prettiest church
- drinking super fancy / extremely delicious homemade lemonade at U Kubistu; mine had both pineapple and coconut ❤
- eating breakfast at Urban House
- joining the Free Walking Tour, that starts daily at 11 from Hviezdoslavovo námestie square
- eating bryndzove halusky: cheese gnocchi with cheese sauce and bacon
- eating Koun's amazingly delicious ice cream(, especially the "sexy chocolate"). No Slovak prices here, but so worth it!
- eating french fries at ORBIS Street Food, where you could even choose the very Belgian andalouse and samurai-sauces (!)
- walking up to the castle and enjoying the view
- hanging out at the 'beach' on the other side of the Danube.



A little late (I was out in the world Interrailing, will write about it soon!), but this is what July looked like on Instagram.

1 - The first proper stop on my Interrail trip was Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. What a lovely city!
2 - In Århus, I got to meet both Marie and her super cute hedgehog Agnete.
3 - 10 days of train traveling ended in Lund, with Swedish candy, a filled-up Interrail card and fridge magnets.
4 - And it all ended in (the loveliest street in) Stavanger - where I had to make decisions and where decisions were made.

& more.