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❤ mama ❤

Oslo. Last week, my mom visited and she made this place so much brighter. No matter if we were at foggy Frognerseteren or the sunny botanical gardens or Ekebergparken, we talked and smiled an laughed and ate good food and she bought me (lots of) flowers and made me feel the happiest and relaxed I've felt in a long time. If only there wouldn't be a sea between us...


folkehøgskole, folkegøyskole

Gol. Two weeks ago I had just finished a full day of photographing, interviewing and observing. Folkehøgskole is my all-time favorite school system and I wish every country would have something like this, so every single person could go there.

After almost 7 years of finishing my own year at folkehøgskole, it was a big big pleasure to be invited and stay at Hallingdal Folkehøgskule for some days. I got to talk to two Dutch students who are there for the year and wasn't only surprised by their stories, but also by the fact that even though this wasn't my bubble, I definitely got this folkehøgskole-feeling back. It might have been the wooden walls and pretty living room, the library or the inside jokes and laughter filling the school every single second, or maybe just the fact that even though they have wifi now, people need to hand in their phones every single day and simply unplug. To really get into that bubble - the world's prettiest bubble.


a shitty knee

For about 10 years, my left knee has been crappy resulting in me not being able to do as much (sports) as I'd like to. Although I learned to live with it, I'm sometimes still fed up with it all and the only thing that helps then, is looking at my huge collection of #fromwhereistand-photos. Without that knee I couldn't have made them and do all the fun things, which makes me realize I rather have a shitty knee, than no knee. That's what I wrote about for ALLOP Magazine.

(Yep, sorry, it's Dutch only. But there's more photos over there!)


snow & mountains

Gol. Although I like Oslo a lot lot lot, my very favorite thing about Norway still is - and always will be - the nature. No matter what might keep me in the city, I'll leave it every time to go on a short (or longer) trip. Earlier this week I spent some days in Gol in Hallingdal (in the middle of Norway) to interview, write, take photos and enjoy the view. Fingers crossed I can* share more soon!

* Because yes, this was a proper journalism job! I seriously had the best days and can't think about anything else than mountains and snow and writing writing as I feel like this can turn into something real good. It's so much fun to work now. :)



1 - I started the month with a new list of goals (and except for one, I completed them all).
2 - Ingeborg visited me on her way to Spitsbergen (where the sun didn't show up yet) and Oslo gave her the prettiest sunset.
3 - I went for a walk in what might be the prettiest part of the city.
4 - And I spent a long Sunday morning in bed, writing and just "doing nothing". I needed that.

& more.

Ps. Here's to a year of instamonths! Last february is the first one I shared.