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reasons to like living in the countryside

i get to spend time with my parents
i get to see the little sheep grow
and i get to eat the cakes that nowhere taste as good as at home.

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bonjour Bruxelles!

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today i visited Brussels and fell in love with a master degree, so i signed up. which means: i am moving to Brussels! (and i might turn into a real city girl after all?!)


cinnamon buns and a long walk

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Hilversum. yesterday afternoon, Danique and i went for a long walk in her hometown. i brought kanelbullar from Utrecht and she showed me the heath close to her house. so pretty, and so cozy to see her again.



last night i went to see Kaizers Orchestra, which was fun - especially since the man next to me was singing along extremely loud, but didn't know the lyrics. or well, it sounded as if he did, but what he sang was everything but Norwegian. i loved it.

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