s e a r c h



1 - my last morning in Seoul was used to buy lots of (way too cute) Korean socks.
2 - i mostly wrote on my thesis, but i also found time to write some letters.
3 - the only right thing to do when you miss a train connection that only goes once an hour: eat ice cream (with discodip)!
4 - my parents will be married for 40 years (!) this summer, so i drew their party invitation.



"every time i think i've seen it all, there's a nicer walk or a prettier view or a cuter café"

Seoul. in some "spare hours", i decided to go for a walk to Ihwadong, which is famous for its mural paintings and painted stairs, that obviously are used in lots of Korean dramas (which i besides don't know much about). at the beginning, i was in a cute café and instagrammed the above sentence, not knowing this would become the loveliest and prettiest walk of the trip, not knowing i'd actually cry tears of happiness because isn't it awesome that people create places like this? and isn't it awesome that kids get to grow up here? and isn't it awesome that we can travel and get the chance to walk around here as well? - i definitely am the emotional kind of person, but still. isn't it awesome?!

so, if you'd have one day in Seoul (and i know no one is going to listen to this advice, i probably wouldn't do it either, but i'm still going to say it), i think there's only one right thing to do: visit Ihwadong. and eat bingsu.

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Seoul. i'm glad i got to travel a bit around South Korea, but i must say i was even happier to be back in Seoul. it's hard to explain and a little crazy as i'm definitely no big-city-girl, but Seoul just feels a bit like home. it's so easy to escape to more rural areas, hear water and birds and still be in the middle of the city (!) and then walk around in the craziness again, visit a cat or sheep or dog café or the loveliest (handmade) shops. Seoul is the perfect mix of nature and megacity, traditional and modern life, which makes it so easy to fall in love with the city. spending most of my time in Seoul wasn't a bad decision. at all.


temples and traditional pastries

Gyeongju. i went on a day trip from Busan to this traditional city called Gyeongju, which is an hour away by bus. there are many pretty old buildings, like Bulguksa temple, but there's other things i enjoyed more (although the kids who also visited the temple were extremely cute). things i liked better:

- all the PASTEL-COLORED bikes (!!!) (i felt at home)
- an awesome little coffee house called 101, which doesn't have a website but definitely is worth searching for
- eating this traditional red bean pastry called hwangnampang.

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when in Busan

Busan. Korea's second city, where you find sky scrapers right next to the beach. over 4 million people live in this city, but the nature is crazily amazing (with mountains and forests in the city center!) and was one of the reasons i ended up staying for almost a week instead of the three days i was planning. if you ever go to Busan, here are some things i think you should do:

- take the local bus to Gamcheon culture village
- spend a whole day or at least a whole afternoon at Gamcheon, as it without a doubt is the loveliest place i've ever visited ❤
- visit Haeundae beach and make sure you notice the huge skyscrapers right next to it
- forget you're in a 4 million people-city by walking from that beach towards the lighthouse (and further).
- if it's cherry blossom season (or if you feel like going for a walk): walk Dalmaji-gil
- and eat pastries that look like a swan's wing, that are filled with vanille (you can buy them at most of the metro stations).

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a small(er) city

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Suwon, a small(er) city at almost the end of the Seoul subway. the (pretty long) walk i went on - along Hwaseong Fortress - offered so many nice views, pretty cherry blossom and cute views. Suwon surprised me. my friends living there told me it's "such a small city", but for me every city with a skyline is everything but a small city. maybe a smaller city.


being a good tourist

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Seoul. as i only had one complete day in Seoul before leaving the city for a bit already, i figured i'd be a good tourist. i visited Changgyeonggung and Gyeongbukgung, two of the big palaces, and walked around in the pretty old area of Bukchon. i'm not really a classical building person, nor a super touristy tourist, but i definitely enjoyed exploring the city this way.


fighting the jetlag

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(ok, it's time to write some proper Korea posts!)

Seoul. after 16 hours of traveling and missing a whole night of sleep i arrived in Korea's capital, around lunch time. i wanted to take a nap, but the hostel boy told me i should go to Yeouido and enjoy the last bits of cherry blossom instead. it turned out to be far from the last cherry blossom i'd see, but it was the first and Yeouido was such a good place to slowly get used to the big city. i watched the skyline and the tents Koreans hide in to not get a tan from a distance and didn't sleep before midnight.


i am home now

almost a week ago, my plane from Seoul landed in Amsterdam. it's strange to suddenly understand everyone again and to be able and read things and say exactly what you want to say, but at the same time feel a bit lost. that's ok though. since i came home i have:

- discovered my acorn became a big boy while i was away
- celebrated a friend's birthday with lots of cheeses and other good foods
- been on quite a few walks, which included both greeting on snails and picking flowers

but i have mostly been inside, working on (or at least: trying to work on) my thesis. sometimes it's Korea calling in my mind, so i look at the pictures, the videos and listen to this song that definitely will be the soundtrack of the movie i hope to be able and show you soon. but first i have to read a little more, rewrite a little more, add a little more and finish it all. can you believe i'm so close to being done?! - !!!