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Interrail (1): Bratislava

Bratislava, what a surprise. I was told to skip this capital as it's boring and "absolutely not interesting at all", but men, they are all so wrong. This city surprised me even in 45 (...) degrees Celcius. It's pretty, lively, cheap, the people are amazingly nice and there's more than enough to do, at least for a day or two. I stayed for 1,5 day and had most fun:

- simply walking around, looking at the pretty streets and (pastel colored) buildings
- taking selfies with the Blue Church, which must be the prettiest church
- drinking super fancy / extremely delicious homemade lemonade at U Kubistu; mine had both pineapple and coconut ❤
- eating breakfast at Urban House
- joining the Free Walking Tour, that starts daily at 11 from Hviezdoslavovo nĂ¡mestie square
- eating bryndzove halusky: cheese gnocchi with cheese sauce and bacon
- eating Koun's amazingly delicious ice cream(, especially the "sexy chocolate"). No Slovak prices here, but so worth it!
- eating french fries at ORBIS Street Food, where you could even choose the very Belgian andalouse and samurai-sauces (!)
- walking up to the castle and enjoying the view
- hanging out at the 'beach' on the other side of the Danube.

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