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Bruxelles, la ville plus belle

I flew home with my proper big camera in my backpack and was planning to bring it to Brussels, but I didn't. So once again, let's tell a little story with phone photos and hope I'll become best friends again with my camera next time then. Whenever that is.

Brussels. I never miss living in that city, but always love visiting what without a doubt is my favorite pretty-ugly, lovely-grey and nicely-dirty city. It had been over 6 months since I visited for the last time (and that only included defending a thesis and drinking beers... so more than a year then!), so it was about time. I took with me Lizet and Caroline and did all of my favorite things:

- tasting chocolate samples at Café Tasse at the Grasmarkt;
- going all the way up to the top floor at Parking 58 to enjoy the lovely view;
- looking into all the cute shops at Kartuizersstraat (and sneaking around the corner to wave at my old house!);
- drinking tea at A.M. Sweet, while eating bits of all of their cakes;
- checking Manneken Pis to see if he's wearing a costume;
- walking towards les Marolles(, checking the flea market if it's not too late yet) and taking the elevator up to le Sablon;
- enjoying the view, again;
- eating pita at le Perroquet in the prettiest art nouveau building;
- looking at all the pretty museum buildings, the palace and the Kunstberg;
- ending the day at le Zebra, as usual.

Still there's more I wish I could have done (Ellis burger! De Walvis! Le Botanique!), but what a good visit it was.
And oh, Bruxelles, I wish you were closer. ♡


Walks, cookies, snow, beer and board games

Oslo. For about 6 years I dreamt about living in this city and now I've been here for more than half a year already. It doesn't feel like living a dream or being on holiday anymore - it doesn't feel like that at all. Oslo feels like home now. Oslo (sort of suddenly) feels like the place where my everyday life belongs right now. I enjoy being here, I enjoy exploring this city and I can't understand why not all of my friends are moving here ;)

2015 didn't feel like a new start like new years usually feel to me, but that's okay. I'm writing a lot, working a lot and being social a lot, too. I bought flowers, baked cookies, danced in the snow, made friends and printed a ticket to fly home (?!) tomorrow! - But honestly? I'm already looking forward to come back to Oslo and continue this adventure. I guess I fell in love again.



1 - Oslo turned colder and prettier and I (not so secretly) fell in love with the city again.
2 - On the days I had off, I often was quite social (!) and very often went for hot chocolate after a long walk.
3 - But most of the time I was at work, so my mornings at home became favorite moments.
4 - And another favorite, on the very last day of the year: homemade oliebollen. They tasted just like the ones at home (!).

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