s e a r c h


Sunday breakfast

Oslo. Yesterday, Synne invited Ine, Ina, Maren and me for hotel breakfast and tell me - is there another way to start a Sunday?! We met at the Royal Christiania hotel, right next to the central station, where a very nicely made table was waiting for us. Fresh flowers, pink serviettes and even two little Norwegian flags... so cute!

The food was just as amazing. This hotel serves the biggest and most varied breakfast buffet I've seen; they have different kinds of everything and even a waffle AND omelette station, where you can make them exactly the way you want them to be. And did I already mention they care about the environment, too? They don't serve anything that includes palm oil, serve mostly ecological food and way less meat than at most hotel breakfasts. I like!

Oh, if only every Sunday could include hotel breakfast.


The wind, the sea, the prettiest dialect and colorful houses

Stavanger. When I first moved to Norway almost 8 (!) years ago, I lived on the countryside, close to the sea, with Stavanger being the closest "big" city. I've been back twice, but as my last visit dated from 2010 it was about time to get on that train and visit this cute and colorful city on the Westcoast again. After three days, I wish I could've stayed longer.

When in Stavanger, make sure to:

- look at the big ships in the harbor or at least go for a walk across the sea (at Vaulen, if you have the time)
- drink the best hot chocolate I ever had at Coffeeberry
- go for a walk across the Old Town, with all the charming white houses
- visit the world's prettiest and most colorful (?) street: Øvre Holmegate, also called 'Fargegaten'
- eat (one of) the best lunch(es) I ever had at Renaa: Matbaren
- drink beers at Hanekam. And if you're a girl: make sure to visit the toilet.



1 - I celebrated Easter with a friend in her little house next to the forest, with lots of (good) fooooooood.
2 - Some weekends ago, my neighbor school hosted a flea market.
3 - Someone had been locked out at the botanical gardens. I've never seen someone being locked out this peacefully before.
4 - Home sadly still isn't that safe harbor anymore, but I'm blessed with friends I can sleep over at. Friends with pretty floors, too.

& more.