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when in Reykjavík

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- pay to get up Hallgrímskirkja and enjoy the view
- eat Tromp
- visit Norræna húsið, where they have the biggest collection of Nordic books and movies
- go drink tea and eat cake (and play board games) at Café Babalú
- go swim, f.ex. in Laugardalslaug
- walk around (for hours) and enjoy all the pretty graffiti walls
- see a band play, preferably at Airwaves and/or in Harpa. or just go to 12 Tónar.


the golden circle

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i'm usually no touristy tourist, but this time i did go on an excursion and believe it or not, but i LOVED it. seeing the highlights is something that has to get done anyway and now it was a lovely little bus driving us around from Þingvellir National Park to the huge Gullfoss waterfall and geysír. i even was with one foot in America and our guide gave the best facts. recommended!


veraldarvinir, worldwide friends

Reykjavík. the main reason i'm in Iceland isn't to just look at the pretty nature and get excited about things i learned in uni though. no, i'm participating in a so called workcamp, which means that me and a bunch of other young people from all over the world most of the time simply are simply working. we picked up garbage around the lake, painted a house, helped out at Iceland Airwaves (and i talked to Yoko Ono! and hugged Jónsi!) and made music ourselves.

the days are long, but so much fun.

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black beaches

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Vík. on the way to Reykjavík, we stopped in a little place called Vík, which is famous for its black beaches. it was strange but beautiful. i was mostly impressed by Asami's super small camera and the three sisters (!!!) though. i was so excited to see them after learning about them in class. (sorry for being a bit of a nerd)


a roadtrip to the ice

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Jökulsárlón. yesterday i woke up super early to drive to the world's second biggest glacier on the other side of the island, which is a 4-hour drive from Reykjavík. Japanese, Spanish and Dutch songs were sung while getting there, but when we were standing in front of all the ice, we could do nothing else but keep silent. wow.


góðan daginn!

i'm in Reykjavík now! i'm in Iceland! two favorites of mine so far:

1. Icelandic
2. Tromp chocolate, with both marzipan and liquorice. SO GOOD.

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