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Hent, a fairytale city

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(that second picture is taken by Vief)

Ghent. why haven't i visited this place before?! that question circled around my head for basically all the time, because Ghent is the loveliest place i've visited in a long time, and not even far from home! i definitely had a blast. if you ever go to there:

- just walk around for hours and hours and enjoy the lovely houses, the canals, the flowers, ...
- eat a cupcake from Julie's House
- use the lovely city map they have, made by Use-it
- eat the "verwenchocomel" at Huize Colette. or well: just make sure to eat enough chocolate, it's Belgium after all.


ingredients for a good afternoon

1. a(n almost) private concert by Ólafur Arnalds
2. my favorite festival french fries.

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