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two days in Lëtzebuerg

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Luxembourg. Although this country (and city) isn't more than a 2,5 hour drive from my parents' house, neither of us had properly been here before, so we sort of last-minute decided to go on a little road trip. I especially liked:

- the language. One second it sounds like German, the next second like French, but it's neither of them.
- MUDAM Contemporary Art Museum.
- the hot chocolate-on-a-spoon we got in a cute wooden café right next to the royal palace.
- the old part of the city
- and the Postman Pat-like views on our way home again.


Haldern festival

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Haldern. For years, this cute little (awesome) festival right across the border from our hometown has been organized, but neither Bernie or I had been there before. We made it in less than an hour (!) and except for that, I was blown away by some other things, too:

- THE LAKE. Haldern is a small town with lots of fields and cows, and this pretty lake not far from the festival camp.
- I ran into a bunch of Slovenian girls I had a highschool exchange with years ago (!).
- Spongebob chocolate isn't only pretty, but tastes good as well.
- and basically everything being so pretty and cute and Beach House's awesome gig.

(Not much fun: I had to leave early because of a throat infection. That, combined with Germans not serving water without gas and the festival not allowing own water bottles at the festival area, made it some quite crappy days.)



when in Vienna

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- make sure to visit the classical, touristic spots
- and make sure to eat a Sachertorte (!)
- visit the Hundertwasserhaus (and museum - it's one of the awesomest I've visited)
- visit the MuseumsQuartier and a museum or two - I really enjoyed MUMOK
- eat Austrian food (like kaiserschmarrn ❤), f.ex. at Café Einstein
- and visit the Palmenhaus. It's a little warm in there (obviously), but so pretty and so worth it.


a midweek in Vienna


Vienna. A city that never really called my name, but now that I'm here I'm having the best time. It might be because of the fact I'm together with so many of my favorite people from the Norwegian summer school last year, but it might also just be because of Vienna. There are so many pretty buildings here and so much delicious food.

(Also a first: not bringing my proper camera, but only my fisheye, when traveling. I'm not sure what I think about that yet.)

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