s e a r c h



Oslo. My weeks in the north (i, ii) ended unexpectedly with some days in Oslo and I couldn't have been more happy about it. First I was afraid 4 days would be exactly long enough to make me feel so extremely at home again that I didn't want to fly back to the Netherlands, but it couldn't have turned out better! I got to see everyone and do everything I wanted and started to realize it mostly is amazing to have a second place that feels so so so much like home.

I still hope it really will be home again one day, though.



1 - I started the month in Oslo and obviously made sure to go on my favorite walk, along Akerselva. ❤
2 - But back home, things felt like they should feel, too. I really feel like living in the Netherlands is what fits me best (for now ;)).
3 - I started my new job! I'm an editor for the Norwegian TravelBird-site now and walk to/from the office almost every day.
4 - And every day off I tried to be with friends (and mostly cake) although I mostly was tired and being social was hard...

& more.