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Prague. this city is so pretty in many ways and places, but i think the view from Vyšehrad is my favorite. you can easily get there by taking the metro and i think it's just pretty impressive that you're so close to the houses and basically can look straight down into people's daily life. (you can even look into some of the houses!)


ahoj! from Praha

Prague. after years of dreaming i made it to the Czech capital, together with 6 friends from all over Europe. it's such a nice city to be together again. to eat cheap meals, drink cheap beers, laugh too loud and look at pretty sunsets and architecture.

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an Amsterdam afternoon

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Amsterdam. i met up with lovely Elisse for her first trip to "the big capital" and i think that i've been a good guide, although i don't really know my way either. some of the things we did:

- visit the FOAM photography museum
- cuddle with all the cute cats that basically are everywhere
- eat froyo in the shade, next to the canal
- buy postcards one of the best postcard shops i know about, Art Unlimited (in front of Hard Rock Café)
- take Wok to Walk to the Vondelpark for dinner.


be sure to have some flowers in your house


i took these from our garden, they smell so good.