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being a good guide

Brussels. both my friends Yonne and Tine Katrine and her boyfriend Paul were visiting Brussels this weekend, so i had to be a good guide. we first walked a lot, but when we suddenly were in the middle of a snow storm, i figured we'd better stay inside. so, two of my newest tips to hide for the snow (or rain, or too strong sun) when you're in Brussels:

1. Parlor Coffee, where they use soy milk, sell Snickers and Maltesers hot chocolate and very good brownies.
2. a cute little bagel place called Au Pays des Merveilles, where you also can drink fancy drinks and play board games.

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Brussels-in-the-snow is my new favorite city

(i seriously can't believe Brussels can be this pretty)

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escaping on a saturday

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Ghent. Ina is visiting me in Brussels these days, but after two men robbed her from her phone earlier, we really felt like escaping the big city for a bit. so what's a better destination than lovely Ghent?! there were lots of colorful garlands AND of course we went to eat the verwenchocomel, which basically is just hot chocolate with lots of chocolate extras. still so good.