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A winter night in the forest

Velp. Last weekend, I took my parents out winter camping in my favorite national park! We got to stay in a pod at this lovely camping spot, and seriously felt as if we ended up in a fairy tale. The weather was amazing, the sky blue, the air crisp, and the Veluwe more lovely than ever. I'm pretty sure there couldn't have been a better place to wake up on the last day of 2016.

This also is a little preview of this new year that's here now: I got selected to test 7+ cabins across the country (and maybe even outside, too) and write a bit about each visit! I can't wait to pack my bags and wake up in nature again.



1/2 - I basically spent all December looking for a job. Often in cities I don't visit that much, followed by a coffee and a walk.
3 - One weekend was spent in my very favorite city: Oslo! Pust is a new favorite coffee bar.
4 - On the second-last day of the year I packed my bag to go glamping in a cute little cabin in the forest. More about that soon!

Happy new year, lovelies!

& more!