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a weekend in Rotterdam

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Rotterdam, one of these cities i have been to, but not know a thing about at all. that's why i decided to go there for a weekend, all by myself, to start practicing for my upcoming trip to South Korea(!). i soon discovered Rotterdam is much nicer than i remembered - or have experienced before. this is what i enjoyed the most:

- staying at the lovely Ani & Haakien hostel
- visiting het Oude Noorden (the old north), where you find lots of nice shops like Elle Aime and &design
- and where you can have a super delicious lunch at Lof der Zoetheid (although i would've loved to try their cakes as well)
- visiting Groos, the prettiest shop ever maybe. the best thing? every single product is made in Rotterdam
- finally seeing Hotel New York, where the boat to America leaves and many families (like my grandmother's) emigrated
- spending the sunday afternoon at the lovely Swan Market.


hello from Haarlem!

Haarlem. i moved to this city at the end of august, started an internship at Columbus Magazine (a Dutch travel magazine) and i turned 24 at a lovely festival called Into the great wide open. i didn't bring my camera, but Anne took pretty pictures.

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