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Wordt geladen...



1 - I started the month with a new list of goals (and except for one, I completed them all).
2 - Ingeborg visited me on her way to Spitsbergen (where the sun didn't show up yet) and Oslo gave her the prettiest sunset.
3 - I went for a walk in what might be the prettiest part of the city.
4 - And I spent a long Sunday morning in bed, writing and just "doing nothing". I needed that.

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Ps. Here's to a year of instamonths! Last february is the first one I shared.


2 things

And first 1 little excuse: I'm sorry for not updating (much), I just wish I felt more like taking out my camera again. Hopefully soon! There's a couple of things I'd like to share with you now, though.

1. After months of preparing for my first proper reportage (soon! in the mountains!) and only writing small things, it was really lovely to write a proper article again. For ALLOP Magazine, of which I since this month am an editor!, I interviewed a girl who collects passport photos. It was so much fun to finally really write again and see a bigger piece published. You can see and read it here, but it (sadly?) only is in Dutch. The photos (by Angela Messioui) are pretty as well, though.

2. I discovered this website called Yelp, which apparently is quite big in Norway, but I had never heard of before. For the past days, I've been writing reviews about favorite places around the world. I'm planning to keep updated, so you can follow around on places I like and not :) Of course the real good things will end up on my blog too, but hey, might be fun? At least I'd love to follow you guys! You find my profile here. - If you can't read it: there's a handy translate tool! And there's photos ;)



1 - I found a kanelbulle I thought would be bigger than my head, but it was not.
2 - This was a Sunday spent on my to do-list, which might just be my favorite kind of Sunday. At least it makes me happy!
3 - Linnéa sent me the Moomin cookie cutters I regret not buying when I was in Sweden myself, so I baked cookies.
4 - And I was in Amsterdam for a little bit. It's pretty, but... nah, not my kind of city.

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Bruxelles, la ville plus belle

I flew home with my proper big camera in my backpack and was planning to bring it to Brussels, but I didn't. So once again, let's tell a little story with phone photos and hope I'll become best friends again with my camera next time then. Whenever that is.

Brussels. I never miss living in that city, but always love visiting what without a doubt is my favorite pretty-ugly, lovely-grey and nicely-dirty city. It had been over 6 months since I visited for the last time (and that only included defending a thesis and drinking beers... so more than a year then!), so it was about time. I took with me Lizet and Caroline and did all of my favorite things:

- tasting chocolate samples at Café Tasse at the Grasmarkt;
- going all the way up to the top floor at Parking 58 to enjoy the lovely view;
- looking into all the cute shops at Kartuizersstraat (and sneaking around the corner to wave at my old house!);
- drinking tea at A.M. Sweet, while eating bits of all of their cakes;
- checking Manneken Pis to see if he's wearing a costume;
- walking towards les Marolles(, checking the flea market if it's not too late yet) and taking the elevator up to le Sablon;
- enjoying the view, again;
- eating pita at le Perroquet in the prettiest art nouveau building;
- looking at all the pretty museum buildings, the palace and the Kunstberg;
- ending the day at le Zebra, as usual.

Still there's more I wish I could have done (Ellis burger! De Walvis! Le Botanique!), but what a good visit it was.
And oh, Bruxelles, I wish you were closer. ♡