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Wordt geladen...



Doel. Yesterday (on the warmest day of the year!), some former classmates and I went to the (mostly) abandoned village of Doel, in Belgium. Not only is it located right next to some power plants - Doel isn't far from Antwerp and its harbor either. In the sixties, they started making plans to expand the harbor, which meant the inhabitants of Doel had to leave their houses. Most of them did, but there's still a 20-something of them left and the village still exists. Or well, sort of.

It's not allowed to go inside the houses, but still there's pretty graffiti pieces, houses and streets to look at. There's also a café and a (restaurant in a) mill where you can grab a drink or two (!) - and there's a bus driving through Doel, every weekday at 7 in the morning. It stops at all the 5 bus stops I found in the village, but none of them says where it's actually going...



I am back home in the Netherlands and have thought about writing a blog post quite some times this past month, so I guess that's something I'll do in July then. Luckily, we still have Instagram.

1 - I sorted out all of my things, packed and moved home. This is my room before it got empty.
2 - Halfway through the month I worked my 178th (and last!) shift in the frozen yoghurt-store. I was so relieved and happy.
3 - I visited the cobblestone and cruise ship-city (Stavanger) again, as I now have a boyfriend who lives there!
4 - That same boy came to visit me in the Netherlands; we used an hour or two to take photos of the pretty Amsterdam houses.

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Bikes of Oslo

Oslo. In exactly two weeks I'll be on a train from Amsterdam airport to my hometown, for the first time in almost half a year - or maybe I'm already there. I am so looking forward to have some proper time in the Netherlands, to eat as many kaassoufflés and dubbelvla as I like to and make stupid little (language) jokes in Dutch, bike every single day, not have to walk uphill at all (!) and I might even be looking forward to sit in the train for hours again. Also later this summer, when I'll go on a little Interrail trip (!).

But, well. There's also leaving Oslo, after (then) exactly 1 year + 1 day. I might write about everything I'm going to miss later (a lot), but first I'd like to share my little collection of photos of Oslo bikes. Because Norwegians might be faaaaaar from as good in biking as we Dutchies are - their bikes are cute, sometimes. Though their walls always are.

I'll miss their colorful walls so much.



1 - After 5 years, I was finally back in Stavanger for a little bit.
2 - I worked at 17. mai, Norwegians national day, but that wasn't a problem at all with so many pretty dressed customers.
3 - As I unexpectedly had to work (a bit) on my day off and the rest of it was super grey, there was only one thing to do...
4 - Luus sent me the best mail of the month (and possibly year): a personal stamp in a confetti-filled envelope! So much fun!

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