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i'm a froyo girl now

Oslo. in the beginning of the month i started working in a cute little frozen yogurt-store here in Oslo. i work almost full-time, talk a whole lot of Norwegian and there hasn't been a single customer that didn't understand what i was saying, which makes me feel a little proud. i'm glad to be earning money and i'm glad i got a job that isn't washing dishes or packing orders like most foreigners apparently get to do here first. i get to choose the music and eat a yoghurt a day. my recommendations:

- natural froyo + cruesli + cashew nuts + pineapple + white chocolate + kokos
- natural froyo + cruesli + cashew nuts + mango + brownie.


life as it is

i've been busy visiting home, moving and starting my job (!). i haven't touched my camera in ages, but luckily there's this app which forces me to take at least one (very) random photo a day. it definitely is my favorite, next to instagram (obviously). :)

so, here's life without a filter. here's my sometimes blurry life. here's life as it is and as it has been, these past months. from may to june to july to august and from Belgium to the Netherlands to Norway to the Netherlands to Norway, back to the Netherlands and then back to Norway again. (and yes, you can spot Ina, Maren, Janneke and Karlijn in here!)



1 - in the beginning of July, I FINISHED MY MASTERS DEGREE and celebrated with macarons and a book in the park.
2 - like i said: Telthusbakken is my favorite street in Oslo, especially when the grumpy cat is at home.
3 - this is my favorite graffiti piece in Oslo, so far.
4 - and this is the second selfie i've ever uploaded to instagram, to celebrate a 1000 (!!) followers. hurray!

July was a good month, in the end.
(i also got a job! which means i'll be staying in Oslo!)

& more.


they say the grass is always greener on the other side

i miss home more than i thought i would, starting a new life is harder than i expected it to be and i'm definitely not always as strong and positive as i might seem to be. days and especially evenings have been so empty, i've cried so much (without having a real reason) and sometimes i wish i wouldn't be as much as a "let's try!"-girl as i am - but mostly i'm glad i am.

and actually: the grass (and much more) is pretty green in Oslo, too.

❊ Telthusbakken is the cutest street in town
Kaffebrenneriet is on almost every corner, but they have delicious (ice)coffee + scones + bread > picnic!
❊ the houses in Frogner are the prettiest houses (and Loes fits in so well).

(i'm having a job interview next week i'm pitching the loveliest articles i've found a new place to live and also the in-between-place i'm looking for seems to work out my Norwegian goes super well i'm slowly managing to even be funny in Norwegian i write a weekly column and get awesome feedback people are nice i think i'm staying at least five more months hurra)