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Wordt geladen...



1 - I turned 26.
2 - A lot of time was spent in my home office - writing for Allop, testing the new Tony's Chocolonely, looking for a job (which I sort of found! It's an internship and I earn way too less to survive, but it's fun + experience = okay).
3 - I packed for, and went to, Oslo. I guess I'll share some travel photos soon. :)
4 - And by the end of the month I had moved to my favorite Dutch city, Utrecht! Fingers crossed it's a good decision.

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Books, sore feet, a super cuddly pug and a chicken

Vuren. I spent the weekend volunteering at Snor festival, which is the loveliest one-day festival organized by publishing house Snor. (Fun fact: that means 'moustache' in Dutch.) I was so lucky to be volunteering and therefore be painting, drawing, cutting, going for long walks and spending the complete weekend at the cutest camping I've been to: Kampeerterrein de Lievelinge.

Sunday (festival day) was the best part, though. I met so many nice people and got to be in the book shop and sell all the pretty books - and chocolates - all day long. What a dream festival job. ❤ Just look at it:



1 - I started August in Stavanger, with a boyfriend. I'm not there anymore and not with him either (but that's okay).
2 - Looooooots of time was spent in the forest, which without a doubt is the best thing about living with my parents for a bit.
3 - One Saturday, I went to Rotterdam to go see the (pretty awesome + lovely) Do it-exhibition, together with Veerle.
4 - And one Wednesday, I went to Maastricht. ❤

I also went to Utrecht, Haarlem and Rotterdam (once more). And right now, I'm pretty excited to see what September will bring. I will attend two (!) festivals, I will (finally) move to Utrecht and I'm very much planning on finding a job. Fingers crossed, please!

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Interrail (5): Århus

Århus. My last proper stop and of of my favorites (together with Bratislava and Berlin), too. What a pretty city! I was happy to have a friend I could stay with and another friend who joined showing me around. It was so good to be with people again. Traveling alone mostly is a good thing, but this time was harder than ever - I can write a bit about it if you'd like? In Århus, I liked

- Bellevue beach, a bit outside of the city center (yay, nature after so much city!!)
- the modern art museum, ARoS! I liked ARoS - and all art by Olafur Eliasson - so much ❤
- the university area, with lots of pretty overgrown buildings
- Møllerstien, which most likely is the cutest street I've ever seen(, even with that crane in the background).

I wish I would have had more time in this city, so I guess I'll be back sooner or later.