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Wordt geladen...



1 - With May, ice cream season started!
2 - I got my first own proper big dining table and it makes me feel even more at home in my little home.
3 - #wisteriahysteria, the streets are so green and the flowers and the streets so pretty these days.
4 - My 2015-photo book is finally printed! It's crazy how happy it makes me to see my pixels printed, for the first time in years.

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Dutchies: in mei ben ik ook eindelijk begonnen met mijn briefje, dat om de week op maandagochtend in jouw mailbox kan vallen. Klik hier als je nieuwsgierig bent geworden, meer wil weten en/of je in wil schrijven!

One of my June-goals is to write more proper blog posts... so hopefully see you soon!



1 - Work gave us all some cute flowers, and for the first time in years some of my words were printed! In De Dakhaas.
2 - I moved and for the first time in years, all my favorite things are in one place.
3 - I feel at home already.
4 - And Utrecht feels like home now, too. Also: walks around the city make me happy, no matter how sad I actually am. :)

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1 - I still walk from Amsterdam Central Station to work almost daily, and I still enjoy it a lot.
2 - On my day off, I sat in a train for 4 hours only to drink tea and have the best afternoon with two friends in Maastricht.
3 - Saturday is for flower shopping! Giving away most of it actually was the best about it - my friends were so so happy.
4 - I celebrated Easter with a small brunch by myself (and had the best Sunday).

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Oslo. My weeks in the north (i, ii) ended unexpectedly with some days in Oslo and I couldn't have been more happy about it. First I was afraid 4 days would be exactly long enough to make me feel so extremely at home again that I didn't want to fly back to the Netherlands, but it couldn't have turned out better! I got to see everyone and do everything I wanted and started to realize it mostly is amazing to have a second place that feels so so so much like home.

I still hope it really will be home again one day, though.