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November was the first month I was in Oslo without visitors and the first month I was allowed to finally leave the country again. It started off more sad and lonely than ever, but I guess I made a lot of (social) progress, although I'm the happiest now at home.

1 - I went to Denmark (Copenhagen) and Sweden (Lund, Malmö, Göteborg) and this is what I brought back to Oslo.
2 - I was busy translating, writing, wrapping presents and selling yogurt almost all month (and I loved it).
3 - It's so easy to fall in love with (autumn) Utrecht over and over again ❤
4 - And I even paid a quick visit to Belgium / Antwerp, to eat the loveliest lunch (and drink good cappuccino ánd hot chocolate).

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(trying to) Oslove

Oslo. The nature will always be my favorite thing about the city - and the fact that you can see mountains almost everywhere and always (but that maybe counts as nature, too). It's been good to be back. Oslo finally feels (a little bit) like home, although I'm mostly working and don't know that many people to do fun things with. But

• I deleted the Facebook + Messenger app from my phone, so I'll enjoy walking around (by myself) way more than when checking what's happening at home / what I'm missing out on (even though it never really feels that way, as I love being here);

• I wrote a contact announcement to find friends in Oslo. And yes, I felt both embarrassed and proud, but I got lovely responses;

• I have nice plans for when I come back to Oslo again, which almost makes me wish I wouldn't go home. (Hey, kidding!)

So yes, I'm going home-home first! Home to celebrate Sinterklaas, see my friends, my favorite cities, visit my favorite shops, eat all my favorite food and talk Dutch until I've used all the words I know at least once. Aaaaaaaaah, I can. not. wait.


the southern north, v

Göteborg. Somehow I've been in Göteborg several times, but I've never really seen the city. That's why I made sure to (not just visit the penguins and) actually walk a bit around this time, too. Here's what I enjoyed most:

- the cute little yellow hot dog stand at Mariaplan (which also serves vegetarian burgers!) (and extra strong mustard ♡).
- the variation between big (looking) and cute little streets, especially around Ekelundsgatan / Kunsgatan / Vallgatan.
- Vallgatan, as it has all my favorite Swedish (interior) shops: Lagerhaus, Granit and DesignTorget.
- the old Haga area.
- but absolutely also the more vintage and hip Långgatorna-area.
- fika (tea/coffee + cake) at Two Little Birds.
- the view from Alvborgsbron.
- and did I mention PENGUINS in the public park yet?!?!?!?


the southern north, iv

Göteborg. ♡♡♡ There are penguins in the public park in Göteborg. ♡♡♡ We watched them for a while to then go back home and watch this awesome penguin advert. But oh, imagine living in a city where you can go visit penguins every day. ♡♡♡♡♡