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Wordt geladen...



One year ago I was in Korea and although I shared quite a bit of that trip on this blog, there's many stories I haven't told and photos I haven't shown yet. But the best part about Timehop showing me all these memories isn't only the dreaming back; it's also the dreaming on. Korea had been on top of my travel wishlist for years and after that month traveling there I suddenly didn't want anything but everyday life. My wanderlust was gone, I didn't long for traveling anymore.

Feeling like both the Netherlands, Belgium and Norway is home, in a way, I have basically only been flying between homes over this past year and that's okay, although I'm happy to feel it's coming back. The desire to explore new places is here again, and I'm slowly planning new trips! Small ones in Norway until I'll move back to the Netherlands and after that I'm dreaming about Interrail. And Iceland (again). And New York. And a big America-roadtrip, along the West coast. And Korea (again), in autumn.

I just really want to...

... visit new cities (like Suwon, right outside Seoul).

... learn about foreign cultures (like here, at Changgyeonggung Palace in Seoul).

... be part of an other everyday life and just walk through the streets, look at the houses, talk to the people.

... communicate with people you won't ever meet again (through Google Translate, if needed).

... be amazed by nature (like here at Suwon Fortress and at the cherry blossom festival).

... eat crazy things (like this waffle, which seriously is called 'the big one' and is the first waffle I couldn't finish).

... and just get enough time in a new city to get this one favorite-favorite place (like Cheonggyeocheon stream in Seoul)

for a bit - and hopefully soon again.
Oh, world. ❤

  Which one country - or city - do you think everyone should visit?



I have felt more sad this month than ever, made the hardest decision (moving home) and been the most proud, too. It's still light now when I finish work and I'm smiling more, laughing more, doing more. Setting big goals for April, believing I'll make them.


1 - It was nice to come home after some days interviewing & photographing in the mountains. To write, write, write.
2 - My mom and I spent a rainy Friday afternoon at this cute place.
3 - She also bought me lots of cute flowers.
4 - And, when it was time for her to leave for the Netherlands again, she left me half of her luggage.

& more.


❤ mama ❤

Oslo. Last week, my mom visited and she made this place so much brighter. No matter if we were at foggy Frognerseteren or the sunny botanical gardens or Ekebergparken, we talked and smiled an laughed and ate good food and she bought me (lots of) flowers and made me feel the happiest and relaxed I've felt in a long time. If only there wouldn't be a sea between us...


folkehøgskole, folkegøyskole

Gol. Two weeks ago I had just finished a full day of photographing, interviewing and observing. Folkehøgskole is my all-time favorite school system and I wish every country would have something like this, so every single person could go there.

After almost 7 years of finishing my own year at folkehøgskole, it was a big big pleasure to be invited and stay at Hallingdal Folkehøgskule for some days. I got to talk to two Dutch students who are there for the year and wasn't only surprised by their stories, but also by the fact that even though this wasn't my bubble, I definitely got this folkehøgskole-feeling back. It might have been the wooden walls and pretty living room, the library or the inside jokes and laughter filling the school every single second, or maybe just the fact that even though they have wifi now, people need to hand in their phones every single day and simply unplug. To really get into that bubble - the world's prettiest bubble.