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The North, ii

Sørøya. We drove 5 hours to take a ferry to an island, where we spent another couple of days. The reason why I was in The North was to interpret for a documentary movie (!) and here we spent most time talking to a 94 year old blind lady. She has the cutest house, makes the best waffles and every single moment I wasn't interpreting, I went for walks.

Once again:
I'm so glad I didn't grow up here, and at the same time I'm so jealous of the people who did. ❤


The North

Honningsvåg. The first thing I learned is that I hadn't really been far north before. It took 3 hours by plane from Oslo (!) and then 3 more hours by car, until I reached the closest little city to the most northern part on the European mainland.

I spent a week in Honningsvåg. Not much really happens here, but OH MY THE NATURE. If you ever end up in Honningsvåg, promise me to go for lots of walks. Look at the houses. Look at the graveyard being completely snowed in in winter. Look at the sun, when it (finally) comes back. Look at Hurtigruten sailing in. Listen to the sea, the birds, the silence.

What a place.

I'm so glad I didn't grow up here, and at the same time I'm so jealous of the people who did.



1 - I spent a weekend in Copenhagen, where our AirBnB-host served homemade bread every morning.
2 - Only a few days this month were spent in my hometown Utrecht, but they included lots of cute places and fun people.
3 - Honningsvåg is one of the prettiest places I've ever seen - this is the harbor.
4 - But Sørøya is lovely too. Here am I on my morning walk, to keep me sane in between all the interpreting chaos.

& more.


Snow, coffee and good food

Copenhagen. Denmark's capital was filled with snow and homemade bread by our AirBnB-host and one of the best exhibitions I went to was very nearby. But of course I also explored the city - I walked almost 50 km, saw too many cute streets, didn't fall a single time (obs: ice!), but I did fall in love with some places and things, like:

- Louisiana, as mentioned before;
- the best chocolate mousse I ever had (which even is vegan!), at Cafe N;
- the walk along the lakes, from Østerbro to Vesterbro;
- Rist kaffebar's traditional Danish pastry called thebirke;
- the entrance of the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek;
- Bankeråt's brunch;
- the coffee (and maybe mostly the cute illustrated posters) at Risteriet;
- the beers at Mikkeler & Friends;
- (awesome) urban park Superkilen, in Nørrebro;
- and of course: the botanical gardens and all the cute streets in the Inner By(, once again).