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1 - i started june in Oslo, writing a letter about Korea to a friend in Sweden. oh, so international ;)
2 - soccer championship summers are my favorites and i love how we Dutchies are extremely into this orange madness
3 - i took a first train to Brussels to defend my thesis and later that day i took a plane and left Belgium as well
4 - because this is my home for the summer! a pretty cute room in a mint-colored house in Oslo. after four years not living in Norway i am super happy to be back, although it's hard sometimes too. but i think things will work out (and if they don't, i tried).

& more.


the Netherlands > Belgium > Norway

Breda / Oslo. last monday was a day like this one, when i moved to France for a bit. i woke up in the Netherlands, close to the city of Breda (where i discovered this cute place where they serve drinks on Hay trays and you get cherries instead of cookies), took one of the first trains to Brussels and defended my master thesis. i drank beer to celebrate and ate Exki on the airport before flying to Oslo and moving into a room that isn't mine but will be mine for a bit now. the house is green, the windows are huge and the tree right next to my window is one of the prettiest i've seen.

life is a bit scary at the moment though, not knowing what i will do and for how long i will stay (and if i even passed my thesis or have to rewrite it later this summer?!?!?!!!). but the streets are pretty and the people nice and there's Asian elder couples dancing in front of the palace and balconies dressed up in orange, so i can't complain. i don't think i can complain at all.


oh, Korea

my 5 weeks of traveling finally turned into a little 5 moving minutes of barbecue, cherry blossom, cute kids, bingsu and obviously this kpop-song that suddenly was stuck in my head without being aware of the fact i heard it before (and definitely without understanding it) is the soundtrack. i hope you like it. i hope i can go back soon.


hello from Africa!

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

... or well, not really. yesterday, my parents and i spent the day at a safari park called Beekse Bergen, which was the only sort of amusement park in the Netherlands i hadn't been to as a child. now that my mom won tickets, we simply had to and it was so lovely! the animals can walk around freely (for as much as that's possible in a park), you can choose whether you'd like to go on a walking, car, bus or boat safari (or all of them!) and there are so many great details it made my heart beat a bit faster. i mean, passports for the animals? ("he's a cuddler and really too sweet") animal print busses? Afrikaans? ❤