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tourist tuesday

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Brussels. university has started again and we have to start blogging (ha), so i spend my days taking photos of strangers (holding waffles) and when photographing tourists gets too cold, i warm up with hot chocolate and a brownie. not bad.


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(photos from Eliens fisheye)

Winterberg. last week, i was the luckiest girl alive when i finally (FINALLY) went snowboarding again. my knee hasn't really been nice these past years and of course i didn't have mountains near, but i really should remember it's not that big a thing to drive to Winterberg. we left early in the morning and fell asleep in our own bed again. and we had the very best day.


when in Sweden

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- go for long walks
- fika (which is: drink coffee/tea and eat cake)
- buy godis (scoop candy), and extra much when it's saturday
- visit the local supermarket and buy everything that looks pretty (especially tea from Granat, at Willy:s, is a must buy)
- eat korv (with cucumber mayonnaise)
- and of course: eat real Swedish kanelbullar.


hej från Sverige!

Uppsala. i'm in Sweden now, visiting my friend Berit who is an exchange student in this little city this year. it's not as cold as i hoped and the only snow there is is leftover, ugly-turned snow, but being here means i finished my exams for this semester and that of course is a very good thing! plus Uppsala is lovely, that also makes up for the lack of winter.