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Interrail (2): München

Munich. It was good to be back in a country where I can understand words and say a little bit, too. I'm definitely spoiled when it comes to traveling to countries where I understand the language (or maybe: to knowing languages?), but it seriously made things easier. Eating out alone, mostly - my very weak spot when traveling by myself.

Anyhow: Munich is a classical city. A city with big buildings, big traditions and big stories - big tankards as well. I didn't enjoy the city very much (which might be because I visit on a Sunday and Monday in the middle of the summer, which made a whole lot of things being closed!), but still there are some things I'd recommend if you ever go there:

- joining the Free Walking Tour that leaves from Marienplatz at 11:00
- walking around in the University area, in streets like Barerstraße, Türkenstraße, Amalienstraße and everything in between
- visiting the Englischer Garten (❤) and the very awesome! little surfspot they got there
- sneak into Hofbräuhaus just to take a look at the pretty ceiling.

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