s e a r c h



1 - on the first day of the month, i boarded a plane to Seoul.
2 - i saw, heard, ate, experienced and wrote so much, mostly while drinking tea in cute caf├ęs. that girl followed me for almost an hour, before she sat down next to me, suddenly spoke English and gave me her photo after only a short chat.
3 - this pretty art work represents the people living in Seoul.
4 - and my favorite "art works": all the pretty decorated temples, because of Buddhas birthday. (this is Jogyesa temple)



hello from Hong Kong. i almost go home, but that's ok because there is much to look forward to.

traveling makes me realize how excited i am to finish school, find a job and settle down - stay somewhere longer than just a while, not pack my backpack every couple of days, take a plane every second week or move every year. i have been talking to lots of people these past weeks. some of them want to keep wandering the rest of their life and others secretly count down the days to go home. we all sweat when in Hong Kong, use money on street food and socks in Korea, love to eat bingsu and sing karaoke and just walk the streets and look at buildings and people. i hope i one day get a boyfriend who wants to wear couple clothes with me (just socks, maybe) and i hope that this won't be the last time i'm waiting to board a plane to Korea. but still - even though i enjoy being on the road, seeing new things, meeting new people and trying new food, i secretly count down the days to go home. i count down to eat proper bread, finish my thesis, be around my favorite people and book a new plane ticket to spend the summer in Norway. there still is so much to look forward to.


hello from Korea!

this place is so different from home, but at the same time it's not so different at all. i love the cherry blossom, the cute kids, the cute old people, how people try to help you and have conversations with you even though they don't speak English, how everything really is cute, all the small (funny) spelling mistakes there are made in written English, the few moments you actually can see the sky or meet someone to have a proper conversation with. i have developed a small addiction for bibimbap (rice + lots of vegetables + egg), bingsu (shaved ice in lots of tastes), some street food i don't know the name of (yet) and the weird sorts of milk soda and can't see enough high school couples in matching clothes and cute nerdy boys with the prettiest glasses made from wood (!) and business men playing children games on their phones.