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Brussels with a twist

Brussels. Debby is visiting me and although i didn't change my showing around-skills, things turned quite strange:

- we went for breakfast at lovely Yeti, where they obviously forgot what 'vegetarian' means
- we joined the New Europe Walking-tour and got shown around by a Dutch guy who has lived here shorter than me (...)
- we didn't just see Manneken Pis dressed up, but we saw him GETTING dressed up (!)
- and we ended up in the middle of the Global Smurfs Day celebration, which indeed is as crazy as it sounds. but fun.

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holida-ay! ☀ ☀ ☀

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Brussels. a couple of days ago i had my last exam and right after i picked up my friend Selma from to celebrate summer holiday being here! having Dutch visitors in Brussels also is a reason to explore a little more, so i found new favorite things:

- this Surinamese restaurant called Café Pom
- lots of cute, small streets in the Flemish area (around Rue de Flandre)
- a new frozen yogurt place (where you can add your own toppings!) called Chillbox
- the European area with the prettiest pond at Square Marie-Louise.

oh, hello summer!


a weekend in Groningen

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Groningen. although it's been over a year since i moved from this city, i still know lots of people and do feel a bit at home when i'm back visiting. and every time, i try to mix visiting places i always enjoyed a lot and exploring new places. this time i:

- spent time in the university library (!)
- finally got to pay a visit to Søstrene Grene-store, which is the first one in the Netherlands
- walked around in the pretty Prinsentuin
- walked along the canals and looked at all the cute houses
- and discovered a new (fancy) coffee bar called Black & Bloom. they serve good cakes, too.