s e a r c h



Zutendaal. My mom and I drove an hour south, to Belgium, to walk a so-called 'barefoot path'. It's the first one in Belgium ánd the first time I do something like this and it definitely is a lot of fun! Simply to walk through the forest and feel all different textures. It did require some proper foot-cleaning afterwards, but it was so worth it.


poffertjes, music and de Affaire


Nijmegen. My favorite thing about the Netherlands in summer definitely are all the free festivals. My favorite? De Affaire, without a doubt. It's a weekly (or well, 5 days) festival with great artists and this year the weather forecast even was GREAT, so I figured I'd crash at my friend Yolanda's place for the complete weekend. I had the best of days and not so secretly fell completely in love with I Am Oak. Just listen to it (and the whole cd).