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8 hours on a train for a picnic

i haven't regret it a single second. we made the best food, the weather was good and the people lovely.

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ice cream and orange fever

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i finally developed my fisheye film: last year i ate ice cream in the park and this year the streets are all orange, thanks to the upcoming european championships in soccer. it's pretty cool how excited we all get, i think.


being a tourist in my own capital

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Amsterdam. we're not the bestest of friends, so i figured i'd bring my camera and look for the pretty things while i was there the other day. it went quite well, i'd say. i'm even looking (a bit) forward to go back later this summer.


au revoir, Annecy!

i am home now. it was a little hard saying goodbye to all the people and the mountains, but luckily the train ride was breathtaking (especially between Geneva and Bern) and luckily there are more than enough lovely memories to remember.

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