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when in Ljubljana

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- visit Metelkova
- walk along Ljubljanica river
- eat the toast with bešamel sauce at Le Pétit.


bye city, hello countryside

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Bloke/Triglav. we left the city for a bit and went to Urška's family's summer house in Bloke (where i saw my first real snake! ah!), before heading to the amazing Triglav National Park.


8 hours in Zagreb

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Zagreb. from Ljubljana it's only a short train ride to Croatia's capital, where Urška and i met up with my Croatian friend Jelena. she showed us around her hometown, which is the loveliest mix of old architecture and colorful tiles. if you ever get to spend a couple of hours (or days) in Zagreb and have no idea what to do, i'd advise you to:

- visit the Museum of Broken Relationships
- look at the super pretty Saint Mark's church
- eat krofne.


zdravo! from lovely Ljubljana

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Ljubljana. about 4 years ago i spent a short time being an exchange student in this city and now i finally made it back to Slovenia. so good! i love the view from my friend's apartment - seeing mountains when i wake up and right before i go sleep really make my days better.