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Interrail (4): Hamburg

Hamburg. A combination of cobble stone streets, modern architecture, huge buildings, small buildings and lots of harbor, ships and cranes. I got lost around Reeperbahn, which wasn't the awesomest area to walk alone as a girl late at night anyway, and I also (again) found out I'm no good at photobooth photos, but there's also quite some things I did enjoy about Hamburg:

- the streets, the houses. So cute! So pretty!
- Park Fiction: a park with hammocks, Lego-like trees and an amazing view facing the harbor (and cranes)
- taking the elevator 24 meters down to walk through the Alter Elbtunnel
- taking the elevator (or the stairs) up in St. Michaelis church, which sure gives a pretty view over the city
- the pretty area called Speicherstadt
- and the amazing cake place called Herr Max. I seriously have never had such a good cake as the chocolate mousse one I had here - and it all looks so pretty, too. Go go go go if you can!

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