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slowly saying goodbye

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Oslo. after one hour on a boat, two hours in a taxi and ten+ on a train, we luckily had a whole day in Oslo before taking a plane home. a whole day to say goodbye to Norway, say goodbye to Oslo and say goodbye to some more lovely people. Ingeborg took us to lovely Ullevål Hageby, where we looked at pretty houses and stroked cute cats.


wind, whale burgers and being way up north

Træna. last week i finally made it to the north of Norway, where the sun doesn't set. Berit and i volunteered at Trænafestivalen, a lovely little festival on an island which lays at least three hours from the coast. on the way there i already talked to so many people i didn't know, we shared beers and ciders and the sea was rough and the weather rainy. and that's basically what the whole festival looked like: the weather was crappy, the beers and ciders (and wine) were shared and i talked to lots of nice people - and the nature was STUNNING. i thought i'd seen quite a bit of Norway already, but the north beats everything.

when it comes to music, i mostly enjoyed Highasakite, Bendik, Lamark and Ulige Numre (and i'm sure i would have loved Kråkesølv, but i had to miss their concert three times, which obviously sucked big time).

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two days in Trondheim

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Trondheim. the city i lived for 6 months as an exchange student, the city i fell so extremely much in love with and the city i basically miss every day i'm not there. i now know it's not my city, but it does feel good to be back. as usual, we did things i always did while living here and things i never got to do. some recommendations:

- spend as much time as you can at Bakklandet (and as many evenings and sunday afternoons as possible at Antikvariatet)
- eat pikekyss at Mormors Stue or go there on a sunday and enjoy their unlimited cake buffet (!)
- visit the Egon pizzeria in the tv tower (!) and enjoy their buffet while turning around and having the best view over the city
- and if you feel like going for a walk: walk to Svartlamoen and be surprised there's something like this in this city.



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Oslo. there is no place i like as much in summer as Oslo (and the rest of Norway, when it's not too rainy or windy). as usual, we barbecued in the park and played (awesome) stupid games and drank Danish granatæble-lakrids vodka (which is the best alcohol i know) until we really had to catch the subway home. but there's more nice things to do in summer-Oslo:

- take a (free) boat to one of the islands in the fjord
- visit the botanical garden
- eat breakfast at Liebling (which also is a very good idea when the weather isn't this nice).


hello Norway!

Oslo. it took almost 17 months (!) (yes, that's a record) but FINALLY i am back in my favorite city. the weather is perfect, the people are lovely, my Norwegian is still working and for the first time i visited Vigelandsparken without taking photos of the sculptures. i did take a photo of our lovely map and a pretty ivy, though.

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