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Interrail (5): Århus

Århus. My last proper stop and of of my favorites (together with Bratislava and Berlin), too. What a pretty city! I was happy to have a friend I could stay with and another friend who joined showing me around. It was so good to be with people again. Traveling alone mostly is a good thing, but this time was harder than ever - I can write a bit about it if you'd like? In Århus, I liked

- Bellevue beach, a bit outside of the city center (yay, nature after so much city!!)
- the modern art museum, ARoS! I liked ARoS - and all art by Olafur Eliasson - so much ❤
- the university area, with lots of pretty overgrown buildings
- Møllerstien, which most likely is the cutest street I've ever seen(, even with that crane in the background).

I wish I would have had more time in this city, so I guess I'll be back sooner or later.


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