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2016 - juli augustus september

Again, it hasn't been the easiest year but damn have I tried. Some of my biggest work-related dreams came true, I've seen lovely places, had amazing people around me, felt loved and supported and sometimes lonely but who does not? I took all chances, have been a crazy lot outside of my comfort zone, found a new home and mostly: I have not given up. There's been panic attacks and anxiety, but I'm still standing and still smiling. I am proud - and so so ready for a new year.

So, here's to the good things, those 3 months when the weather was best and things changed most:

In July, I enjoyed some more dinner (and coffee) dates with friends / volunteered as a reporter when the neighborhood park turned into a camping / had friends visiting / spent a complete evening writing postcards / went for lots of walks, with (and without) my parents / got my long-expected summer holiday! / went to Oslo! / (randomly) met one of my political heroes, Jens Stoltenberg / discovered new Oslo-favorites, like Vettakollen and Oslovelo / visited my old-hometown Trondheim for the first time in 3 years and mostly enjoyed Superheroburger (and the cute houses).

In August, I finished my second big(ger) reportage for a magazine / celebrated my contract not being extended with cake and a friend / got visitors from both Oslo and Belgium! / visited Radio Kootwijk! / loved the heather / started this project called uutflükt and for the first time in months i was excited about something work-related again! / immediately had some fun job interviews! / enjoyed some last after-work events at work / had some awesome colleagues to get me through the shitty last weeks / had my last day at work! / played games, drank wine and ate chocolate with two lovely friends on the evening i became jobless.

In September, I took a little "holiday" to destress from all the work-stress / started writing on uutflükt / went on the best hike of the year: Connecterra! / celebrated my 27th birthday in Amersfoort and with amazing food / was sent to Liverpool by srprs.me! / went on my first ever high tea! / bought all my favorite British things for normal British prices! / joined a choir! / had fun work meetings and job interviews / spontaneously went to Den Bosch and had a Bossche bol for dinner / was surprised by getting Tony's limited edition chocolate in the mail / explored The Hague / had fun "work meetings" with friends in cafés, too.

Let's stay honest: although my work didn't make me happy, it wasn't easy to lose it without a proper reason and be at home without finding something new. I also was ill when in Oslo and basically super tired all the time because looking for a new job apparently is (more than) a full time job - and it's not exactly easy when you get rejected time after time after time...

2015 - juli augustus september.
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  1. Oslo in juli voelt zo lang geleden! Ik vond het leuk om daar met je naar de bibliotheek te gaan :) X

    1. het is ook (te) lang geleden, als je het mij vraagt ;) snel teruggaan hoor Karlijn!
      en ja, dat vond ik ook fijn.