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2016 - október november december

Again, it hasn't been the easiest year but damn have I tried. Some of my biggest work-related dreams came true, I've seen lovely places, had amazing people around me, felt loved and supported and sometimes lonely but who does not? I took all chances, have been a crazy lot outside of my comfort zone, found a new home and mostly: I have not given up. There's been panic attacks and anxiety, but I'm still standing and still smiling. I am proud - and so so ready for a new year.

So, here's to the good things, the last 3 months of twenty sixteen:

In October, I saw Moddi play / had the best housemate holding my hand while hunting mice with me / had a little fun (late) birthday party! / saw the documentary i interpret and subtitled on national tv! / went for the best mushroom lunch / did some interviewing / had lots of job interviews and basically crossed the country because of that / met up with foreign friends in the Netherlands! / had another fun party / built my own little plant-furniture / enjoyed more food & coffee dates with friends / took a plane to Iceland! and Akureyri! / saw snow! / ate lots of liquorice chocolate / went dumpster diving (and found lots of chips).

In November, I was back in Reykjavík and went on a roadtrip along the south coast! / enjoyed Seljavallalaug (lots)! / enjoyed Airwaves too, especially Árstidir and Of Monsters and Men / was happy to go back to daily life again, too / read books my friends wrote! / got (even more) crazy into Skam / finished uutflükt / spent a weekend in Groningen! / visited the nijntje museum / took photos of one of my writer-heroes / had a little plant exchange with a friend (which made me super happy).

In December, I started off with a day full of job interviews (and no luck) / enjoyed NRKs Christmas calendar Snøfall lots! / got to hold uutflükt! and launch it! and sell it! / was even interviewed because of uutflükt / enjoyed the cold weather a lot / enjoyed Skam a lot, too / went to Oslo to spend time with my friends, walk around and drink lots of coffee! / sold uutflükt at a Christmas market / had more job interviews... / sang in the middle of the city with my choir / had a first little writing assignment! / spent a lovely long week in the south! / spent a day at the Veluwe and slept in a pod! (because of a writing assignment!) / GOT A JOB!

Let's stay honest: some mice started to live in our house which made me nervous 24/7 and i spent so much time writing job application letters and going to interviews and not getting a new job (until the last day of the year!)... And almost no money left. There's been panic attacks (at parties), the big cold i got in Iceland went into sinusitis which got me for some more weeks (...) and i felt lonely, bored and sad. But luckily things changed a bit and i got (way) more positive towards the end of the year.

2015 - oktober november december.
2014 - oktober november desember.


Happy 2017, lovely readers! Let's hope at least a couple of your dreams will come true in the upcoming 365 days.

My only wish is to not lose a job again, get a proper daily life again and earn enough to be able and live the life i'd like to (or maybe first just to be able and pay rent and food) again. I have a winter festival planned in the most pretty surroundings, have big plans to explore my own country a lot, be offline a lot, smile a lot, hopefully spent a week or two in Oslo in May and attend my friend's (summer) wedding in Sweden. Aaaand there's this dream of visiting New York in autumn - we'll see how things go. :)

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  1. A happy and lovely 2017 for you too!

    I don't really know if I should congratulate you with your new job, as you first state you found one, and then write you still don't have one... Either way, I wish you all the best when it comes to your career!

    P.S. I'm also curious about the dumpster diving! I've always wanted to try this; how did you come to find out about how this works? Could you maybe email me about that?

    1. Ah yes, i do! i only just also write this blog post before i got it, and apparently forgot to change it somewhere ;) yay!

      I have no idea how to get your e-mail address - but it's a big thing (amongst foreigners) in basically all Scandinavia, so i just followed a friend who knew where the best spot was. We opened the bin and took food out - as easy as that ;)

    2. Ah, you were in Scandinavia! I thought in Utrecht, where I've heard it's quite hard these days due to security measures.

      Congratulations on your new job then! :D

  2. Virker som om du hadde et fint år, selv om det gikk litt opp og ned. Jeg er glad det endte fint, og håper 2017 blir mye bedre! Godt nytt år!

  3. Heel leuk om je terugblik op 2016 te lezen, ondanks de vervelende dingen heb je toch ook een hoop leuke dingen mogen doen!
    2017 is in ieder geval al goed voor je begonnen met je nieuwe baan, het gaat een top jaar worden! :)
    xx Yvette

    1. Laten we ervoor duimen, en net zo goed voor jou <3