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2016 - april mei juni

Again, it hasn't been the easiest year but damn have I tried. Some of my biggest work-related dreams came true, I've seen lovely places, had amazing people around me, felt loved and supported and sometimes lonely but who does not? I took all chances, have been a crazy lot outside of my comfort zone, found a new home and mostly: I have not given up. There's been panic attacks and anxiety, but I'm still standing and still smiling. I am proud - and so so ready for a new year.

So, here's to the good things, the second part of the first half of the year:

In April, I saw my own words in print in a real magazine for the first time! / enjoyed spring coming closer / went to a pretty Postcards from Mars-concert / moved! / explored my new neighborhood and loved it so much (already) / made my new little home be more like my new home / enjoyed nice little (after work) parties at work / tried this new hotdog place that soon turned into one of my new Utrecht favorites / liked my new home so much / celebrated reaching our work target with gin & tonics.

In May, spring arrived for real / I ate the first ice cream of the year / felt even more at home in my new home, especially when I bought my first dining table ever! / loved all the wistaria blooming / played a little kubb competition and won! / started teaching Norwegian again / had more fun events at work / bought lots of pretty flowers / saw the year's best concert: Highasakite!

In June, I got the loveliest visit from Oslo and spent some days biking in the national park / finally visited the botanical gardens in Amsterdam / had lovely dinner dates / drank more gin & tonics / had lots of lovely coffee and lunch dates, too / discovered Gü-desserts! / finally felt good enough to do some traveling again! / spent a long weekend in Belgium, cheering for the Belgian soccer team and seeing lots of friends / was a guest in a podcast! / saw the documentary i subtitled in the cinema!

Let's stay honest: I enjoyed spring a lot and had many fun things to do outside work (and sometimes after work), but damn how exhausting are colleagues who don't do (or give) a shit?! I very often felt sad, slow and simply scared, was afraid to get a burn-out sometime soon and had more panic attacks in those 3 months than an average person in their complete life - i guess.

2015 - april mai juni.
2014 - 4월 mei juni.

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  1. Ik vind het heel leuk om jouw leventje te volgen in foto's en zo met een verhaaltje erbij.m