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2016 - januar februari maart

Again, it hasn't been the easiest year but damn have I tried. Some of my biggest work-related dreams came true, I've seen lovely places, had amazing people around me, felt loved and supported and sometimes lonely but who does not? I took all chances, have been a crazy lot outside of my comfort zone, found a new home and mostly: I have not given up. There's been panic attacks and anxiety, but I'm still standing and still smiling. I am proud - and so so ready for a new year.

So, here's to the good things, the first three months of the year:

In January, I got to see the Munch + Van Gogh exhibition in the end / officially quit my mail sorting job! / spent a weekend in Copenhagen with both snow and Yayoi Kusama's awesome exhibition! / made new friends / played offline Pac-Man / make my first big reportage for Utrecht-magazine De Dakhaas, on the city's best views / saw even Utrecht in snow! / was flown into Northern Norway to interpret and subtitle a documentary movie! / saw northern lights ánd nacreous clouds! / celebrated the return of the sun with hot chocolate / discovered (and got addicted to) Skam / unexpectedly spent some days in Oslo.

In February, I had the best "extra" days in Oslo / was happy to go back home as well! / started a new job, my first "real" one! / enjoyed my morning walks to the office / saw some first little signs of spring / enjoyed my 1 day off a week mostly with homemade soup and magazines / enjoyed the weekends a lot too, often with cake and friends.

In March, I got a little more used to working 32 hours a week / found the swing along the Utrecht canals / found out about the perks of working in Amsterdam: foreign friends are here sometimes, and I can catch up with them during my lunch break! / enjoyed early spring in the botanical garden / went for a graffiti walk in the neighborhood / found a pizza place I actually like! / spent a lovely day in Maastricht / had the best little house party with my housemates when our electricity broke down / saw Kakkmaddafakka / discovered Amsterdams game hall: TonTonClub / found a new place to live!

Let's stay honest: besides lots of fun stuff, lots of crappy stuff happened as well. It was super hard getting used to having a proper job (and the daily traveling), my health wasn't as its best (dentist horror, first aura migraine, first panic attack(s)) and scary things happened (a friend in a car accident on the other side of the world, the attack in Brussels and my former street looking like a war zone, water hit the electricity and my home became "unsafe"). So well, jep, not the easiest months.

2015 - januar februar mars.
2014 - januari februari maart.

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  1. Genieten dit! Ik vind het elke keer zo leuk om mezelf ook in jou overzichtjes te zien! Dat we dat volgend jaar maar vaak weer mogen hebben :)