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2015 - januar februar mars

I was excited to make 2015 a way better year than the one before, but somehow, I got slapped in the face over and over again. I have been (even more) lonely and insecure, it was hard finding a home and finding a job (still); when I thought I found a real fun one, from the one day to the other everything stopped and I didn't have to come back tot the office. But there's been good things, too: I made dreams come true, followed my heart and seriously have (had) the very best people around me. ❤

So, here's to the good things, the first three months of the year:

In January, I watched fireworks through glasses that turned all light into Hello Kitty's / finally got myself a desk! / was pretty productive / started writing for the Dutch Club Oslo-magazine / met new nice people / visited the Netherlands for my mom's birthday and went to Amsterdam, Antwerp and Brussels too! / there were northern lights in the sky when I flew back into Oslo!

In February, I was mostly focused on getting things done, which felt good / became an editor for Allop Magazine / discovered working in cute coffee houses / visited the prettiest photo-exhibition on Oslo / baked my first bread / got served the best homemade pizza / found a Seahorse! / did a first interview in a long time.

In March, I went to the mountains to make my first reportage ever! / saw Oslo waking up when the world turned into spring, and fell extremely in love with the city (again) / visited Astrup Fearnley / took out Norwegians for Dutch food / had my mom visiting! / went to the mountains once again / started to like "coffee", and honestly became a little bit of a caffe latte-addict (already).

Let's stay honest: I started the year being very productive and motivated, taking every change I could grab. It took much of my time and energy and I still felt lonely from time to time, but things definitely got better - until my flatmate turned into the biggest douchebag and my cute little home turned into my least favorite place in Oslo. I felt more lost and more alone than ever.

2014 - januari februari maart.

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  1. wat een fijne foto's! maar ik ken het gevoel, zo zo naar om je alleen en verloren te voelen - mijn 2015 werd ook door dat gevoel geleid. maar ik wed dat 2016 alleen maar beter voor ons beiden kan worden!

    1. Ja, heel vervelend echt. Niks van dat en hopelijk veel van al het fijns, ook voor jou <3