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2015 - april mai juni

I was excited to make 2015 a way better year than the one before, but somehow, I got slapped in the face over and over again. I have been (even more) lonely and insecure, it was hard finding a home and finding a job (still); when I thought I found a real fun one, from the one day to the other everything stopped and I didn't have to come back tot the office. But there's been good things, too: I made dreams come true, followed my heart and seriously have (had) the very best people around me. ❤

So, here's to the good things, the second part of the first half of the year:

In April, the bikes were back! / I ate the best Easter brunch / got friends visiting from the Netherlands almost every weekend! / saw Daniel Kvammen play / discovered Yelp and went to a Daytime Disco! / quit my room and job and bought a one-way ticket to the Netherlands (and was very happy about it)! / had the first outside bbq of the year / Tinder-matched with a very cute boy.

In May, I did a complete interview in Norwegian! / went to Oslos Rauseste Marked, where things were for free / was turned into a stamp / finally went back to Stavanger! / fell in love (and asleep next to the cutest boy)! / went to a 17. mai-breakfast (and sold froyo the rest of Norway's national day) / sang karaoke / ate another very good (hotel) breakfast / ended the month with that cute boy visiting me in Oslo (and officially becoming my boyfriend)! / went to the coziest and most delicious (vegan) picnic.

In June, I dressed up as "summer holiday feeling" for a fun theme party / realized my Oslo friends were (and still are!) the best / did a first very big translation job! / had my 178th and last shift at the froyo store! / every single day was filled with something fun! / went to Stavanger again! / spent my last day in Oslo the best it could: favorite breakfast, favorite lunch, favorite coffee and favorite beer (place) with almost all of my favorite Oslo people! / moved back to the Netherlands / showed the boyfriend around in the Netherlands, it was his first time! / fell in love with Utrecht (again), at least a little bit.

Let's stay honest: quitting my Oslo life seemed to be the best decision, but also is my biggest regret when it comes to this year. April, Mai and June turned out to be the very best months of this year (if you forget about douchebag-flatmate turning into the biggest douchebag ever); I wish I could feel this happy, loved, motivated and positive for ever. And also: never ever forget the smiles, the smells, the feelings, the people (!!). Forget how extremely good Oslo suddenly was to me.

2014 - 4월 mei juni.

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