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A weekend filled with cute houses, pretty packaging and godis.

Stockholm. Two weeks ago I went to visit a friend who lives in the Swedish capital. I arrived very late on Friday and started the next morning to find all the pretty things from her kitchen to take a photo ;). Sweden just really is packaging paradise - I even brought a(n empty) bottle of pretty pretty soap and coffee with me home! Anyhow. The reason I went to Stockholm was because one of my favorite bands was playing there (!), but although it was only a short visit, we did way more:

- Walked around along cute houses (of course!)
- Visited Moderna Museet, which currently has the best Olafur Eliasson-exhibition (!)
- Had a fika in the little - but very cute! - museum café, Café Blom, and ate saffranbullar (which I liked better than cinnamon buns, but not as good as the cardamom ones)
- Looked at the AWESOME Christmassy shop windows of Nordiska Kompaniet
- Ate (good) Lebanese food at Underbar
- And went for breakfast at this cute place called Sorelle.

Oh, and I saw Santa for the first time in my life!
It was a good weekend (although it made me miss Oslo like crazy).

Ps. I promise I'll bring my proper camera next time I go travel! Or maybe I should just get myself a Photoshop copy again... :x

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  1. Als ik dit zie krijg ik echt behoefte om meteen een weekendje Stockholm te boeken, zodat ik nog naar de Olafur Eliasson tentoonstelling kan!