s e a r c h



1 - After 5 years, I was finally back in Stavanger for a little bit.
2 - I worked at 17. mai, Norwegians national day, but that wasn't a problem at all with so many pretty dressed customers.
3 - As I unexpectedly had to work (a bit) on my day off and the rest of it was super grey, there was only one thing to do...
4 - Luus sent me the best mail of the month (and possibly year): a personal stamp in a confetti-filled envelope! So much fun!

& more.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Je foto's zijn weer prachtig! En wat ziet die stempel er zo gezellig uit :D <3

    1. ja ik ben nog altijd zo blij met m'n stempel <3
      (dubbel) dank je!

  2. i love all the pictures you post!