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Bikes of Oslo

Oslo. In exactly two weeks I'll be on a train from Amsterdam airport to my hometown, for the first time in almost half a year - or maybe I'm already there. I am so looking forward to have some proper time in the Netherlands, to eat as many kaassoufflés and dubbelvla as I like to and make stupid little (language) jokes in Dutch, bike every single day, not have to walk uphill at all (!) and I might even be looking forward to sit in the train for hours again. Also later this summer, when I'll go on a little Interrail trip (!).

But, well. There's also leaving Oslo, after (then) exactly 1 year + 1 day. I might write about everything I'm going to miss later (a lot), but first I'd like to share my little collection of photos of Oslo bikes. Because Norwegians might be faaaaaar from as good in biking as we Dutchies are - their bikes are cute, sometimes. Though their walls always are.

I'll miss their colorful walls so much.

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  1. Fine sykkelbilder! Det høres deilig ut å komme tilbake til røttene. Men, jeg skjønner veldig godt at det vil bli rart å forlate Oslo etter så lenge!