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Sunday breakfast

Oslo. Yesterday, Synne invited Ine, Ina, Maren and me for hotel breakfast and tell me - is there another way to start a Sunday?! We met at the Royal Christiania hotel, right next to the central station, where a very nicely made table was waiting for us. Fresh flowers, pink serviettes and even two little Norwegian flags... so cute!

The food was just as amazing. This hotel serves the biggest and most varied breakfast buffet I've seen; they have different kinds of everything and even a waffle AND omelette station, where you can make them exactly the way you want them to be. And did I already mention they care about the environment, too? They don't serve anything that includes palm oil, serve mostly ecological food and way less meat than at most hotel breakfasts. I like!

Oh, if only every Sunday could include hotel breakfast.

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    1. En precies dat was het! Aanrader mocht je ooit in Oslo zijn :)

  2. Thank you so much for the breakfast company! No, there is no better way to start a Sunday, I'm sure of it!

  3. Looks lovely!

    P.S. If every sunday'd be this good... maybe it would become a bit standard. I like extraordinary things to stay extraordinary... and try find the happiness in my daily life at the same time:-)

    1. You definitely got a point there and I totally agree - so maybe I should just make my Sunday breakfasts a little more special? :)