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2014 - januari februari maart

It hasn't been my happiest, luckiest or awesomest year, but I ain't the person to focus on bad things, so I'll just say I have had fun (but could have had more). 2014 has been good to me (but could have been better). I have been lonely and insecure and lost friends I thought I'd never loose, but I also made dreams come true, met lovely new people and discovered new places.

So, here's to the good things, the first little bit of the year - the rest will follow soon:

In January, I lived back at my parents' between fields and cows / wrote my last exam ever (!) / visited Brussels* and Ghent, Groningen* and Utrecht / saw all my friends in my two old hometowns* / enjoyed the free bits of Eurosonic / started on my MA-thesis / drew a girl who liked my drawings / started teaching Norwegian again / finally got my eyes checked.

In February, I got (pretty) glasses and suddenly saw so much more / also got a new iPhone with awesome camera / was asked to illustrate a children's book (!) / wrote a lot and saw my thesis grow so much / went for long walks almost daily / gave myself some lovely days off (in Utrecht, in Nijmegen, at home) / kept up on letter writing / welcomed a (very) early spring.

In March, I continued with the long walks (which obviously is the best thing about living on the country side!) / celebrated carnaval / visited Ikea and Primark, Eindhoven and Maastricht and Venlo / saw my favorite exhibition of the year: the Anti Winter Depression Show / wrote a whole lot more on my MA-thesis AND almost finished it (!) / took some last days off before going to Korea (!) because I worked so hard and the weather was perfect / loved living at homehome more than ever.

Let's stay honest: the first months of the year were quite good, except for the fact that I didn't live close to my friends. And writing a thesis 24/7 doesn't only make you feel smart, but is frustrating too... But hey, 2014 started as good as it could, I guess.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Elke keer als ik die foto die je van me maakte zie, dan word ik weer helemaal vrolijk, we hadden toen zo een fijne dag :)

    1. Ja ik ook, is sowieso één van mijn lievelingsfoto's van dit jaar :) Laten we het snel maar eens overdoen! (Eind 2015 is sowieso de grote Anti Winter Depression Show, dus dat mogen we niet missen!)

  2. Ser ut som en veldig fin start ja. Gleder meg til neste del!