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2014 - 4월 mei juni

It hasn't been my happiest, luckiest or awesomest year, but I ain't the person to focus on bad things, so I'll just say I have had fun (but could have had more). 2014 has been good to me (but could have been better). I have been lonely and insecure and lost friends I thought I'd never loose, but I also made dreams come true, met lovely new people and discovered new places.

After the first three months, here's the second first half:

In April, I was in Korea! and Hong Kong! / fell completely in love with Seoul and especially with Hongdae / also visited Suwon, Busan and Gyeongju, in the south of South Korea / saw lots of old friends again (after 3-4 years!), some who I studied with in Trondheim and some who were exchange students in Groningen / ate LOTS of good food / met so many nice people / smiled basically all the time / visited cherry blossom festivals / sang so much karaoke / loved life and everything and everyone a lot.

In May, I spent a last lovely day in Seoul / was happy to be back home / was super motivated to write on my thesis / took a break off thesis writing and went for a hike in the south / celebrated 17. mai, Norway's national day, in Rotterdam / finished (!) my MA-thesis / visited Brussels and Ghent and handed in my thesis (!) / drew my parents / boarded a plane to Oslo.

In June, I found myself a place to live in Oslo for the summer / went on a safari in the Netherlands / enjoyed the oranjekoorts (World Cup madness) so much (!) / ate fancy desserts in Nijmegen / visited Venlo and Groningen and Breda and said goodbye to the Netherlands for now / drank awesome (cheap) beer with some of my favorite Belgians in Brussels, after defending my thesis / boarded a plane to Oslo again / moved to Oslo (!).

Let's stay honest: these months were, without a doubt, my favorite ones of the year. I spent so much time with favorite people, two of my biggest dreams (visiting Korea + moving to Oslo) came true and I didn't know it yet, but I also finished studying.

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