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November was the first month I was in Oslo without visitors and the first month I was allowed to finally leave the country again. It started off more sad and lonely than ever, but I guess I made a lot of (social) progress, although I'm the happiest now at home.

1 - I went to Denmark (Copenhagen) and Sweden (Lund, Malmö, Göteborg) and this is what I brought back to Oslo.
2 - I was busy translating, writing, wrapping presents and selling yogurt almost all month (and I loved it).
3 - It's so easy to fall in love with (autumn) Utrecht over and over again ❤
4 - And I even paid a quick visit to Belgium / Antwerp, to eat the loveliest lunch (and drink good cappuccino ánd hot chocolate).

& more.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik heb altijd zoveel zin om je kaartjes te sturen als ik je blog lees. En om op reis te gaan.

  2. Zo stom, ik was helemaal vergeten dat je in Utrecht zal zijn :(

  3. wauw, wat een mooie plaatjes!
    xo, cheyenne