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2014 - juli august september

It hasn't been my happiest, luckiest or awesomest year, but I ain't the person to focus on bad things, so I'll say I have had fun. 2014 has been good to me, although it could have been better. I have been lonely and insecure and lost a couple of friends I thought I'd never loose, but I also made dreams come true, met lovely new people and discovered new places. It's ok.

Here's the 3rd part of the year, mostly spent in the everlasting (so it seemed...) Norwegian summer:

In July, I officially became a master in journalism! and celebrated with macarons in the park / went for so many walks and bike rides through Oslo / still saw all the games of the Dutch soccer team / went to Trænafestivalen in the north, where we walked around in bare legs and dresses and where I finally saw Den Svenska Björnstammen (a.o.) live! / started writing a weekly column! / got lovely visitors from the Netherlands / swam in the river / (finally) visited the Norwegian folk museum / got a job!

In August, I boarded a plane to the Netherlands, to celebrate my dad turning 65 and my parents being married for 40 years! / started my visit off with frietjes and a kaassoufflé at the airport / bought everything I wanted at Hema / was surprisingly excited to go back to Oslo (but a little sad as well) / started my job in the frozen yogurt-store! / ate more froyo than ever / was so lucky to be able and stay at Kaja's place as long as I was homeless / enjoyed all the blue skies / did a big Dutch-Norwegian translation! / made (two) new friends / finally finally finally found a place to live!

In September, I sold (and ate) more froyo / turned 25! / celebrated my birthday with my parents visiting (and eating the best portobello burger ever)! / stayed in an AirBnB-home for the first time / moved into my own room! and finally got to unpack my bags! / got along well with my two flatmates / finally got to play frisbee golf / got another friend visiting / spent the last days of the month having a last barbecue of the year (!) and finally buying a bed.

Let's stay honest: not having an own place to live caused a lot of stress and trouble, resulting in being tired all the time and spending every free second searching for a place, instead of trying to be social and meet people. I felt a little lonely, but luckily had visits from friends from the Netherlands to look forward to all the time (which was nice, but also 'escaping the truth')...

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  1. Vi må finne på noe når jeg er tilbake i oslo!

  2. I've been trying to find a new place for two months now. I know what you mean...
    Seems like you made the best of it though, 'cause I only remember reading a post about it once! :-)

    1. Ugh, home searching is the worst :( I hope you are lucky and have a place to stay right now! I guess that's what did the trick for me - I was homeless for almost 2 months, but had a really sweet friend who offered me her couch for as long as I needed. I have no clue how I would've survived otherwise, with all my family and friends being 1000+ km away :)