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when in Busan

Busan. Korea's second city, where you find sky scrapers right next to the beach. over 4 million people live in this city, but the nature is crazily amazing (with mountains and forests in the city center!) and was one of the reasons i ended up staying for almost a week instead of the three days i was planning. if you ever go to Busan, here are some things i think you should do:

- take the local bus to Gamcheon culture village
- spend a whole day or at least a whole afternoon at Gamcheon, as it without a doubt is the loveliest place i've ever visited ❤
- visit Haeundae beach and make sure you notice the huge skyscrapers right next to it
- forget you're in a 4 million people-city by walking from that beach towards the lighthouse (and further).
- if it's cherry blossom season (or if you feel like going for a walk): walk Dalmaji-gil
- and eat pastries that look like a swan's wing, that are filled with vanille (you can buy them at most of the metro stations).

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4 opmerkingen:

  1. Oioioi så fint! Det første bildet er helt fantastisk, blir så reisesyk!

    1. det er Gamcheon culture village, virkelig verdt et besøk! :)

  2. Prachtige foto's weer! Zo leuk dat je via jou een beetje dat reisgevoel meekrijgt!

    1. dank je lieve Marlous, fijn dat je ervan geniet :)