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two days in Trondheim

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Trondheim. the city i lived for 6 months as an exchange student, the city i fell so extremely much in love with and the city i basically miss every day i'm not there. i now know it's not my city, but it does feel good to be back. as usual, we did things i always did while living here and things i never got to do. some recommendations:

- spend as much time as you can at Bakklandet (and as many evenings and sunday afternoons as possible at Antikvariatet)
- eat pikekyss at Mormors Stue or go there on a sunday and enjoy their unlimited cake buffet (!)
- visit the Egon pizzeria in the tv tower (!) and enjoy their buffet while turning around and having the best view over the city
- and if you feel like going for a walk: walk to Svartlamoen and be surprised there's something like this in this city.

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