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wind, whale burgers and being way up north

Træna. last week i finally made it to the north of Norway, where the sun doesn't set. Berit and i volunteered at Trænafestivalen, a lovely little festival on an island which lays at least three hours from the coast. on the way there i already talked to so many people i didn't know, we shared beers and ciders and the sea was rough and the weather rainy. and that's basically what the whole festival looked like: the weather was crappy, the beers and ciders (and wine) were shared and i talked to lots of nice people - and the nature was STUNNING. i thought i'd seen quite a bit of Norway already, but the north beats everything.

when it comes to music, i mostly enjoyed Highasakite, Bendik, Lamark and Ulige Numre (and i'm sure i would have loved Kråkesølv, but i had to miss their concert three times, which obviously sucked big time).

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