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Haldern festival

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Haldern. For years, this cute little (awesome) festival right across the border from our hometown has been organized, but neither Bernie or I had been there before. We made it in less than an hour (!) and except for that, I was blown away by some other things, too:

- THE LAKE. Haldern is a small town with lots of fields and cows, and this pretty lake not far from the festival camp.
- I ran into a bunch of Slovenian girls I had a highschool exchange with years ago (!).
- Spongebob chocolate isn't only pretty, but tastes good as well.
- and basically everything being so pretty and cute and Beach House's awesome gig.

(Not much fun: I had to leave early because of a throat infection. That, combined with Germans not serving water without gas and the festival not allowing own water bottles at the festival area, made it some quite crappy days.)


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