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Tea, scones & a meeting between old meets new

Liverpool. What a surprise! If you ever end up in this city (Englands 3rd biggest?!!) please make sure to:

- use lots of money at Utility;
- use lots of money on things that are cheaper in England, like tea and Curlywurly-chocolate and British magazines;
- join the Free Walking Tour and learn about the city, the club and the band (obviously called The Beatles);
- spend time in Bold Street and the area around LIPA University, so cozy and nice (and perfect for lunch, dinner, drinks);
- enjoy the combination of traditional and modern architecture around Albert Dock;
- enjoy the (mostly) free museums, like Tate Liverpool (and its amazingly pretty and interesting museum shop);
- drink tea infused gin & tonics (!) at Goodness Gracious' rooftop garden;
- whenever you get a bit tired of all the awesome/cheap tea: drink coffee at 92 Degrees Coffee;
- go for Afternoon Tea at Oh Me Oh My.

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