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Snow, coffee and good food

Copenhagen. Denmark's capital was filled with snow and homemade bread by our AirBnB-host and one of the best exhibitions I went to was very nearby. But of course I also explored the city - I walked almost 50 km, saw too many cute streets, didn't fall a single time (obs: ice!), but I did fall in love with some places and things, like:

- Louisiana, as mentioned before;
- the best chocolate mousse I ever had (which even is vegan!), at Cafe N;
- the walk along the lakes, from Østerbro to Vesterbro;
- Rist kaffebar's traditional Danish pastry called thebirke;
- the entrance of the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek;
- Bankeråt's brunch;
- the coffee (and maybe mostly the cute illustrated posters) at Risteriet;
- the beers at Mikkeler & Friends;
- (awesome) urban park Superkilen, in Nørrebro;
- and of course: the botanical gardens and all the cute streets in the Inner By(, once again).

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  1. Kopenhagen <3 Zo leuk! Die laatste foto is zo schattig :D