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2015 - oktober november december

I was excited to make 2015 a way better year than the one before, but somehow, I got slapped in the face over and over again. I have been (even more) lonely and insecure, it was hard finding a home and finding a job; when I thought I found a real fun one, from the one day to the other everything stopped and I didn't have to come back tot the office. But there's been good things, too: I made dreams come true, followed my heart and seriously have (had) the very best people around me. ❤

So, here's to the good things, the first three months being back in the Netherlands:

In October, I celebrated Kanelbullens Dag / worked a (the only) complete month at Tipster and did an interview for news site nu.nl! / went for quite some walks - in Utrecht, Amsterdam and at home / caught up with quite some old (and new) friends! / finally saw Postcards from Mars play / visited the Dutch Design Week! / played a lot of games (and got pretty into Exploding Kittens) / sometimes really liked living in the Netherlands again.

In November, I discovered STACH's awesome peanut butter chocolate! / watched Rita (the Netflix-series) in only a couple of days / visited both the Rijksmuseum and the Binnenhof for the first time! / went for more walks / had the loveliest festival weekend at Le Mini Who? / finished my complete to do-list for the first time in months! / started to really like my little Utrecht apartment! / spent a weekend in Stockholm, where I saw a complete Olafur Eliasson-exhibition! and my #1 favorite band this year, Den Svenska Björnstammen! / got my little portrait, made by De Portretfabriek.

In December, I started working at the Post = I had a reason to go out of the house again, which felt so damn good! / threw a little Sinterklaas party / saw Mew play! / won the prettiest flower bouquet of flowers / explored more of Utrecht / celebrated Christmas in the south, with good food and pretty hill-views / got a fulltime job! Today! What a way to end this year.

Let's stay honest: I would still move to Oslo immediately, if I could, but living in the Netherlands is fine as long as I have something to do. In November, Tipster stopped existing from one day to another and that's when I lost 99% of my positivity and motivation. But I guess people are right when they say things work out in the end. It's been some very hard months, but on the last day of 2015, I'm very positive and looking forward to the next year like crazy. So many fun things are coming up!

2014 - oktober november desember.


Happy 2016, lovely readers! Let's hope at least a couple of your dreams will come true in the upcoming 366 days.

I will try and take more photos of people, be less insecure, get a little (more) out of my comfort zone, continue to go for lots of walks, get used to a fulltime job-life, maybe leave Europe again and most definitely make dreams come true, starting with seeing Yayoi Kusama's work in real life AND interpreting (for a Dutch documentary movie! in Northern-Norway!) in January.

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