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the southern north, iii

Malmö. Sweden's third city isn't the best in cute houses, but gave me this "everything is possible!"-feeling which might just be the best feeling in the world. As if I'd almost be able to just stay, rent an apartment and write a book or two. (!!) Malmö is much more than the Turning Torso, ghetto-like flat areas and (awesome) falafel stores. Despite it not being so pretty, I'd say putting Malmö on your to-visit list is sort of a must. I mean, you can even swim inside in the sea?! And you can

- visit the world's oldest public park, Folkets park.
- go for a (long) walk next to the sea, while looking at both thé Øresund bridge and Copenhagen.
- eat weekend brunch (or cakes or normal lunch) at lovely Chez Madame.
- leave the city center a little bit and walk towards Davidshallsgatan, to find the cutest (vintage) stores.
- buy godis candy at a shop called Gottelisa, with the most sweets in one place I've ever seen.
- actually eat some awesome falafel, f.ex. at Jalla Jalla.
(- try to understand proper Skånska, if you'd like a challenge.)

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Ser ut som om du har hatt det veldig fint! Superfine bilder :)

    1. Takk! Det var litt uvant å bruke det store kameraet igjen etter mange måneder, så det var fint å høre :) Og ja, det har vært en veldig fin tur også.