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the southern north, i

Copenhagen. I got my residence permit, which also means I'm finally allowed to leave Norway again (!), which is why I boarded the first plane to the southern North, to Copenhagen. The last time I was there (2009) I absolutely loved it, but this time I was a little disappointed - maybe because everyone loves it that much? To me, it's (too) big and feels (too much) like the Netherlands or basically one big city. I did like the flatness, the bikes and the cute streets, though. And I absolutely recommend:

- walking through Nørrebro, visiting the cute (art) shops and cafés and maybe even picnicing between some graves?
- spending as least time as possible at Nyhavn, but secretly take a quick look nonetheless.
- brunching. (I went to Paludan Bogcafé, which both looked awesome + served an awesome brunch.)
- breakfast (or coffee and cake) at Kompa'9.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Maar het ziet er wel heel fijn uit. En het strand is niet ver weg en zo.

    Maar ik weet ook hoe het was toen ik probeerde op de fiets Kopenhagen uit te komen, zonder goede kaart. De stad lijkt maar niet op te houden.

  2. Lijkt me echt een prachtige stad! Je foto's zijn iniedergeval mooi :)