s e a r c h


they say the grass is always greener on the other side

i miss home more than i thought i would, starting a new life is harder than i expected it to be and i'm definitely not always as strong and positive as i might seem to be. days and especially evenings have been so empty, i've cried so much (without having a real reason) and sometimes i wish i wouldn't be as much as a "let's try!"-girl as i am - but mostly i'm glad i am.

and actually: the grass (and much more) is pretty green in Oslo, too.

❊ Telthusbakken is the cutest street in town
Kaffebrenneriet is on almost every corner, but they have delicious (ice)coffee + scones + bread > picnic!
❊ the houses in Frogner are the prettiest houses (and Loes fits in so well).

(i'm having a job interview next week i'm pitching the loveliest articles i've found a new place to live and also the in-between-place i'm looking for seems to work out my Norwegian goes super well i'm slowly managing to even be funny in Norwegian i write a weekly column and get awesome feedback people are nice i think i'm staying at least five more months hurra)

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Je doet 't goed Marlou, ik ben stiekem wel een beetje trots op je :)

  2. Går det ann å få se artikkelen du har skrevet? :) Fint at du trives i Norge :)

    1. kronikkene er vel på nederlandsk, men de finnes her: http://www.nadelunch.com/author/Marlou/
      ellers så skal jeg gi lyd hvis jeg en gang får publlisert noe på norsk :)

  3. Så bra at du trives, selv om det er litt vanskelig også :)

  4. Veel geluk! Je bent een moedig meisje.